Are you between 17-24 years old?

Do you want to find healing and purpose for your life?  Do you want to find answers for life? Do you want to learn and experience more about being a Disciple of Jesus Christ? Do you want to be more effective as a Christian?  Do you want to grow in your faith?

To download our prospectus Click on this link:- PROSPECTUS

We offer 2 options available to you:

1.  A Gap year Discipleship Course, which is a 10-month program, involving classroom learning, different activities, personal reflection and practical service

The training also comes in two parts, namely a lecture phase, where your focus will be in knowing God and His world, by His Word, and an outreach phase, whereby your team will go out into the world, to the lost, spreading the Good News of Jesus.

For more information, or any questions please contact to Jami on whatsapp 073 236 3799 or email a4jreception@admin

To download the application form, Click on this link:- APPLICATION FORM

2. Become a full time Volunteer

Send your application forms or questions to Andre De Vries +27 81 579 9782 or to